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The pressure washing experts at Duval Pressure Washing offer professional cleaning services throughout the Jacksonville area. We know you’re looking for methods of cleaning that are specifically catered to your home, which is why we do a full assessment of each property we work on. If we think your pressure washing project might benefit from a different cleaning method, we’ll let you know so you know you’re getting the best clean available.

Our pressure washing experts offer everything from roof cleaning to commercial pressure washing. With over 5 years of experience in pressure washing, you can count on us to arrive on time and ready to work. If there’s ever a moment when you aren’t satisfied by our cleaning efforts, we’ll come right back out and finish the job to your satisfaction.

When you work with our pressure washing experts, you don’t need to worry about damages or dirt being left behind. Our experts focus on ensuring the safety of your home and your family. To learn more about the experts at Jacksonville’s premier pressure washing company, call Duval Pressure Washing today at 904-270-9209.

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Why Duval Pressure Washing?

Customer Satisfaction

We arrive on time for every appointment. We arrive ready to work. We do not accept a job that is not done properly. If there is ever a situation where a customer is not satisfied with the cleanliness of their property, we will come back out and finish the job to the customer’s satisfaction.

Honest & Upfront Pricing

We agree upon a price before we show up to do the job. The price we agree upon upfront is going to be how much you will pay when the job is finished. We don’t give a price estimate before we start the job that will suddenly change to more when we finish the job. We have all dealt with this when hiring service people before and that is not how we operate. The quotes we give do not change on the job. When you call/text us for a quote or send in an online quote request, the price we agree upon thereafter is final. No hidden costs or fees.

Job Done Right

We understand the reason you are here is because you want your exterior to look as clean and new as possible again. We specialize in low-pressure cleaning solutions to ensure there will be no damage from high pressure to your exterior. Choosing the right professional for the task is crucial for your time and money. At Duval Pressure Washing, you will not be receiving a crew of contractors in a truck who showed up to work today only for the paycheck. “I, David Mulvaney care greatly about my business and customers and work to provide my customers with the cleanest properties in the town. It will be myself showing up with a crew to complete the job and make sure every job is done right.”

Safety First Attitude

At Duval Pressure Washing, we take your safety very seriously. We perform comprehensive background checks of any employee we hire. We also ensure that everyone on our job and around our job is provided with proper personal protective equipment needed to complete a job safely. Our client’s and employee's safety and peace of mind is our highest priority.

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Towns We Service

The experts at Duval Pressure Washing offer premier pressure washing services throughout the Jacksonville area so you can feel confident you’re getting a great clean for your unique property. Check out our service area below to learn more about how we can help with your outdoor cleaning needs.

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Keep Your Gutters Clean and Your Home Protected: Why Professional Gutter Cleaning is Important

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An Outstanding House Washing and Driveway Cleaning in Jacksonville, FL

An Outstanding House Washing and Driveway Cleaning in Jacksonville, FL

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