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Frequently Asked Pressure Washing Questions - Answered By Duval Pressure Washing

Do You Work With Commercial Clients?

Yes! Our pressure washing experts work with both residential and commercial properties. Commercial pressure washing is a great way to ensure your commercial properties are clean and maintained. If you're looking for a reliable pressure washing service to help with your commercial pressure washing needs, call us today and we can get started on your outdoor cleaning projects.

Is That Black Stuff On My Roof Really Not Dirt?

No, the black or dark green streaks you've noticed on your roof isn't just regular dirt. It is, in fact, the bacteria known as gloeocapsa magma. Gloeocapsa magma travels as spores on the wind. When it lands on your roof, it finds a shaded area to start growing. As it expands, you start to notice black or dark green streaks appearing.

The good news is that gloeocapsa magma is relatively easy to clean away if you hire a professional of pressure washing in Jacksonville.

Pressure washing experts agree that the best way to keep your roof clean and clear is to invest in professional roof cleaning at least once a year. If left too long, gloeocapsa magma will break down the limestone in your shingles and lead to water and UV damage. These damages also won't stay on your roof, instead of leaking into your ceilings and walls.

If you've noticed black or green streaking on your roof, it's time to call Duval Pressure Washing today and invest in a professional roof cleaning.

I Have Old, Set In Stains. Does Your Service Clean Those Up?

Yes! While it's best to call a professional pressure washing service the moment you notice stains, we can also help with set-in stains. Set-in stains require specialized cleaners to break down the materials that make up these stains.

The sooner you call our pressure washing experts, the easier it is to clean away these stains. If you need help cleaning up set-in stains, call the pressure washing experts at Duval Pressure Washing today.

What's The Difference Between Your Services And Me Just Buying A DIY Pressure Washer?

If you've looked online to see what the best cleaning options are for your home, you probably found a lot of blogs that are touting DIY pressure washing. Some DIY pros see DIY pressure washing as a cheaper, easier way to get your property clean without having to invest in a pressure washing service.

The truth is that DIY is more dangerous for your home and often more costly than anyone realizes.

Pressure washing properly and safely requires years of education and insider knowledge. If you haven't been trained to properly use a pressure washer, you can damage both your property and yourself. The high-powered water spray used in pressure washing can break skin if you aren't careful.

Another reason to choose a professional is that DIY pressure washing isn't actually cheaper than hiring a professional. You need to rent or buy a pressure washer, buy specialized cleaners, and pay for any damages you might do to your property.

To ensure you're getting a great clean without endangering your home or business, call the experts at Duval Pressure Washing today and we can help you get your properties clean and clear.

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